How to Win at Roullete

Roullete is a board game originated in France, and is derived from the Biribi. The idea behind Roullete is to place your chips in a spinning wheel and predict numbers on numbered spots. There are many different versions of Roullete, and some people play solo while others play with their friends or in teams. One good rule of thumb is to play at the best table you can find, and make your decisions based on the odds.


The Origins of Roullete is a game with a rich history. Its roots can be traced back to France in the middle ages, and its name is French for “little wheel.” It was first invented by a French monk as a way to combat boredom while in prison. While Blaise Pascal is generally credited with creating the game, there are many other theories. In fact, some believe that the game actually originated in Ancient Rome. Back then, soldiers used wagon wheels to spin the wheel, and it became an exciting gambling game.

House edge

While you can’t win every time, there are ways to reduce the house edge. If you can win more often, you can decrease the house edge by following some basic roulette strategy. Among the easiest ways to reduce the house edge is to bet on games with lower expected losses per hour. Fortunately, some online casinos will let you surrender on even-money bets. This includes red/black and even-money bets like high/low. If 0 or 00 shows, you’ll lose half your bet.

Imprisoned bets

The En Prison rule on the Roullete game means that when a bet is successful, the bet is not automatically lost. Instead, it is held over for the next bet. This rule also means that players are not required to deposit additional chips to rescue their bet. Additionally, an en prison bet does not allow players to change their bet type or stake. Therefore, players who place a bet using this rule should always play their bets cautiously and only increase their bankroll when they are sure of winning.

Bets on green 0

When betting on the green zero, you can get 35/1 odds if you place your bet correctly. Your stake is returned, along with your winnings. A $50 wager would result in a profit of $1,750, and your stake is returned as well. The house edge is 5.26% when playing on an American roulette table. While this is low, it is worth noting that green 0 has a low payout percentage compared to other numbers.

Bets on 00

Choosing the right number when betting on roulette can help you win big. You may have heard of the 00 in the roulette wheel. This zero is located in the green socket of the wheel. The American version of the roulette wheel has the zero between black 26 and red 32, while the European version has 00 between black 27 and red 1. The numbers you can bet on while placing a bet on roulette zero are the same as those you can place on any other number, and the payouts are the same as those for betting on a single number.